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I'd watched lots of videos and read the guides but still, some minor essentials were just missing. This information could be a weather station with location and weather information, or text messages, or announcements, or the identity, location, speed etc of something.

So a Disaster Management team, for example, could see where a number of volunteers are located and moving on a map, based on the information sent from their radios in realtime or sometimes also from their mobile phones if they are using an APRS app and have mobile phone data coverage.

The radio side is useful where there is no mobile phone coverage available, or where data costs want to be avoided, as it can work independently from mobile networks. Reporting stations also termed beacons can have different icons as well as suffixes set to indicate what type of station or service they are.

Moving vehicles, ships or radios can show a trail of the path they are travelling on. Clicking on the icon will show additional information about the device eg. Depending on your radio's capabilities you could use either format to report in and it all depends on the coverage you have to a digipeater that will relay the APRS data. Analogue and digital have the usual RF advantages and disadvantages such as digital could use less power and be quicker.

An interesting point that Paul ZS1V also pointed out is that whilst mobile phones and DMR still rely on transmission through the cellular network, or Brandmeister in DMR's case on the Internet, with a field deployment scenario where there is absolutely no Internet coverage, analogue reporting transmission is usually relied upon.

Hamnet has a whole range of equipment from battery operated handheld beacon trackers, to field-deployable digipeaters and receive stations and can track all the resources involved in a large scale wide-area search, relay their positions to a central command post and display them on a map - one cannot do that with cellular or DMR based APRS without suitable Internet access.

Setting up DMR APRS on Ailunce HD1

A "Digipeater" is short for "Digital Repeater"; a repeater for packet data rather than voice. Unlike the standard voice repeater that receives on one frequency and retransmits what it hears simultaneously on another frequency, the usual digipeater is a single frequency device. It receives a packet of data, stores it in internal memory and then a moment later retransmits it on the SAME frequency.

In summary APRS is a system of diferent format packets of data and a standard protocol. Sometimes a DMR repeater may use a different colour code or slot for specific types of traffic or talkgroups. Most use the default CC1 and slot 1. A tip for anyone buying a new portable or mobile radio intended for tracking or disaster management work: You may want to be sure it has built-in GPS, APRS capability, and check in the area you intend to operate what analogue or digipeaters are in use.

The tips below are based on the Anytone radio but should guide users of other radios too. I've based them around the various screenshots to highlight what to look out for:. GPRSsetings must be on in settings or on radio. Note you may not need to set these but I did so for testing purposes to establish a talkgroup connection as I noticed that the digital reporting did not seem to work if my digital voice channel had not established a connection.

So for testing I was keying up with and In normal use, if you are connected to say talkgroup 91, your digital reporting should work fine pushing out to talkgroup in the background.

You will notice there are distinct areas for digital and analogue reporting settings. You'd use which is relevant. The digital reporting channels are the same ones you will select as just a channel number when later specifying what digital channel number to report on, if digital reporting is activated for a voice channel.

For the above example, I should actually just have had a channel set for talkgroup and another for Whilst was not relaying via my local digipeater it would work when using an Openspot2 hotspot so you may want it if you are intending on travelling outside of South Africa.

Remember that if you have a digipeater with digital APRS reporting capability, it is fine to set the reporting to digital even if you are using an analogue audio channel.With APRS or the Automated Packet Reporting System, we can control how our packets are disseminated in the system by choosing the appropriate path settings. Since APRS is a one to many form of communication: that is our packet could be picked up by any number of digipeaters, we will want to pick a path that is effective in covering our local area while not jamming the system with traffic stretching out hundreds of miles from its intended target.

My first video on APRS gave an overview of the modeso if you are totally new to the Automated Packet Reporting System, you may want to watch that first.

A link to it can be found in the upper corner of this video and the video description below. Of course you will need to use your callsign in your APRS activities. But if you are running multiple devices, say a home station, mobile or a tracker, you will run into network conflicts if they both have the same callsign. SSIDs come to the rescue. The SSID or Secondary Station Identification is a numbered suffix that is added to your callsign to indicate that it is an additional station.

The reason this is the case is that doing so made it easy to differentiate between a home station, digipeater, and mobile by using consistent identifiers. Digipeaters are to use the SSIDs of -1 through That gives you the facility for up to four digipeaters under your callsign. That lets me keep three stations on the air with one callsign and they become easy to differentiate on the map what their purpose is.

The only guidelines with SSIDs is that they give a quick visual clue of the purpose of a particular object without the need of graphical icon or verbose description. Stations would use long paths and relays in order to propagate their packets. The new paradigm consisted of several small changes, but in the long run contributed to a 5 times improvement in local reliability.

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The biggest change in the new paradigm was how we specify our packet path. So in talking about paths, we use a WideN-N designator, where N is the number of hops we want the packet to travel. A path of Wide will go one hop and Wide will go out 2 hops. In the N-N the first number is the number of total hops and the second number is a counter. The next digipeater, seeing a Wide will decrement the path to Wide and send it out. The packet, counted down to zero, will now expire.

We will often combine a Wide and Wide to our path to limit packet travel to three hops. A three hop path will reliably get your signal out miles and in only very limited cases do we want our packets to travel more than three hops.

You can see how congestion can easily ensue if you go out more than three. APRS packets will have a setting of either one or two digipath indicators.Make the contact "Private Call".

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Set the Call ID to "". Do not enable a call receive tone. Select an appropriate group you may already have in your radio that includes TG 9 and any of your other favorites. If you select a smaller value, the GPS will affect your battery life. Follow every step as above, but the only thing to do different is to not enable a GPS System. So, instead of "1" make sure that box is set to "None". You should see your latitude, longitude, altitude and number of GPS satellites your radio can receive.

If you do not have that, you either set something up wrong or did not wait long enough in a good location for a satellite lock. Try again. If you have location data, proceed as follows:. Log in to your Brandmeister Network account and go to the SelfCare section. The below URL "should" work if you can not figure it out. Generally, a portable HT should be -2, a mobile, -7 or A detailed table to consult can be found here. NOTE: This will only work through a hotspot. Many repeater operators may not let private calls or TG pass through, so just want to be clear about that.

This will then enable your position to be shared without having to use a hotspot or repeater. Maybe you travel? Via simplex communication, you and another radio can exchange location and altitude data independent of any infrastructure at any time. Excite the amateur radio community to continue development for non-network infrastructure use cases possibly by incorporating local cached maps, mesh networks and iGateways on coordinated frequencies to support another layer of communication and situational awareness.

Follow the same instructions on creating the TG contact in your radio and setting up a GPS system, but add this detail to a channel your home hot spot is set up on. NOTE: This has only been proven to work while using a hotspot. Many repeaters, including the ones local have not yet set GPS traffic to be passed. When I use my OpenSpot in the car connected over cellular modem, this gives me the ability to talk on Mid-Hudson TG from anywhere in NY or not and also share my location too.

Plus, ensure your radio can support the QSY function to advertise which voice frequency you might be on, such as a local repeater. And, also have voice alert enabled on This approach via DMR is possibly more simple. Yes, you need a hotspot with you for it to work, but then not having a repeater in range is never an issue.

The only problem is you are totally reliant on the mobile cellular network for everything to work.

Mototrbo DMR send to APRS?

All a repeater owner would need to do is locate an igateway for this at the repeater site tuned on that frequency for it to work. For about 18 months that I have had a MDG version - only recently have I cared enough about the GPS because there was not a way to share the GPS data across a network easily until somewhat recently.

What I had known for a while is that the GPS seemed to take forever to get a satellite lock and thought it must have used some older GPS chip in use since this is a "cheap" radio. It has its own antenna. I verified it by taking the radio apart!

dmr aprs setup

I am pretty sure that the volume knob just above the antenna along with the cast aluminum back plate of the radio creates bad GPS reception. When facing the display out, it gets a lock pretty quickly.

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Placement outside and in certain directions has a lot to do with how well the GPS works. There is not enough room towards the top of the radio to easily integrate a new and different antenna I think, so I may start looking at:. Relocating the existing antenna in the radio in the opposite location plane close the top of the speaker inside the radio.The Group moderators are responsible for maintaining their community and can address these issues.

Report to Groups. This includes: harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing. Note: Your email address is included with the abuse report. Toggle navigation. Home Messages Hashtags. Search Cancel. DMR Quebec. Some radios allow auto send every X minutes others allow you to send your position via a text. Both seem to work well on BM network. Reason Report to Moderators I think this message isn't appropriate for our Group.

Your Digital Mobile Radio Leader

Cancel Report. This cannot be undone. Cancel Yes. Messages More. This was created for the Part 90 world, not ham radio. There is no provision for sending your ham radio call sign along with your position report so unlike with APRS, Part 97 ID requirements are not being met if your radio is making periodic position reports and you are otherwise not conversing and saying your call sign at the required times. Please take this into consideration if you activate GPS position reporting in your DMR radio and take action to stay in compliance.

You need to register and this can take a few hours or up to a day to happen. Step 1: Go to the dstar. Once you are on the main self-care page, select Ham DMR.

If you are not experienced with APRS, we suggest an interval no less than every 3 minutes and just your call sign without dash anything.

How does DMR APRS work on the Ailunce HD1

Once registered and set up you should be able to send GPS data to ID Some radios allow auto send every X minutes others allow you to send your position via a text. Let us know how you get on??You can also listen live here. I've set my radio type to Chinese radio in Brandmeister self-care and set up the radio to relay coordinates to private call number I'm using a Russian master.

Seems like they don't display unanswered questions on their site, so at present it has only 1 Q on there. Hope they'll reach out.

Mobile Dual Band Radio with DMR and APRS - Similar to the Yaesu FTM-400DR

Have you looked at this? The other thing I've had contact with ailunce about this some months ago, and they told me that this functionality still needs to be added on the brandmeister backend.

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dmr aprs setup

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URL shorteners such as tinyurl or bit. Do not post any offensive material Do not post personal information address, email, phone number, e. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.QRZ Forums. Tags: 2m 70cm aprs dmr mobile. I am slowly getting my feet wet after getting my license and need to save space in my car by not having multiple radios doing different things.

I would like a DMR radio similar to this for my car. Any suggestions? N5HJWJun 30, Do you have a recommendation for a budget friendly mobile with 2m, 70cm, and aprs? N5HJWJul 3, KS1G likes this. But something that is not garbage.

I want to actually be able to use it and like it. If I understood the fusion reflectors more, I would jump on the xdr.

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I am a DMR guy so far. It seems the openspot can only be configured to a single reflector at a time on fusion. N5HJWJul 4, I don't think those mobiles are garbage, just defining cheap.

I am looking forward to getting it in. N5HJWJul 11, WD9EWK likes this. It is analog only, though, but strictly giving this recommendation based on the desire for APRS.

Since OP said "budget", a used D prior model to might be good enough to get started. I'd check first and verify there is enough DMR activity in your area to support having it. KS1GJul 26, KD5BVX likes this. Am I asking too much of the transceiver to do analog repeater 2mAPRS, and also system fusion on 70cm?This is a summary of the settings for Motorola Radios. Prefered channel settings. This is easiest if you program a button to turn GPS on and off.

After setting up your radio you will need to configure the gateway so your location information is forwarded from the BrandMeister network to the APRS. This is done on the BrandMeister website. You will need to wait for a confirmation email, but it usually comes quickly. After your account is activate, go back to the site and login. It is important you select the Motorola as your brand, then you can set the others as you see fit.

Once this is done go out and have some fun, drive around, do stuff, see people, then check aprs. If it is directly with aprs. Your email address will not be published.

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dmr aprs setup

Setting up GPS support on your radio is easy and once setup works well. See the country specific page on the BrandMeister wiki for details. General Settings. GPS: On. Network Settings. CAI Network: Enhanced GPS: Off. GPS Revert: Selected. Data Call Confirmed: On. You will need to do this for each channel on the BrandMeister repeater. Share this: Tweet.