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Skip to main content Press Enter. Home News. News Search Keyword:. One of the major changes the school has made has been the implementation of pre-requisite courses designed to cover topics, which otherwise would be done during a mass-lecture when the cadets arrive. Such was the case for me in my assignment to Officer Training School. We ensure service members have the expertise and skills they need to overcome evolving security challenges.

Professional development is at the forefront of building military leaders.

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For those who are in pursuit of higher education, commissioning programs are one of the ways future Airmen can begin their career as a company-grade officer within the military ranks.

Corey Rucker, a world champion who embodies the creed both professionally and personally. It rings again; he lets it go to voicemail. Mark A. Welsh III on the line. The former vehicle operations specialist accepted the challenge of molding future Airmen, an ambition of his since joining the Air Force. On his way to work, Senior Airman Max Brunwasser witnessed an accident in front of him. Ralston this observance is special to her.

When you log off on a Friday. See what to takes for the 2nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron to maintain the mission readiness. RT AirmanMagazine : Good mentors pass knowledge on to the newcomers. Always look out for your Airmen. This month, we would like to highlight Tech. The newest Air Force Podcast recently dropped. Listen to a small snippet of CMSA Wright talk with Staff Sgt. New about resiliency.

Our mantra, "Always ready! Need some motivation to get your week started off right? Wright weighs in The U. Air Force Academy gives its cadets some unique opportunities. Ride alon Ride along one of this opportunities.

Air Force announces OTS non rated selection board 17OT02 results

Central Command operations deter adversaries and demonstrate support for allies and partners in the region. Video by Staff Sgt.Good news, the OTS schedule information is now posted on the Air University web siteand I would consider that information the truth data if a conflict arises between there and what I post here. Thanks for posting this! I am applying to the upcoming 19OT03 board and it is nice to have an idea of possible class dates in advance.

Air Force Officer Training School (OTS) Guide

How do you get ahold of an officer recruiter? I have been trying for 3 weeks and cant get a call back. Unfortunately you have to be very persistent because officer recruiters are extremely over-worked. If you hear absolutely nothing I would reach out to the closest enlisted recruiter and see if they can give you good contact information for the closest officer recruiter. Try face-to-face with enlisted recruiter, or try to get in touch with the leadership for the region.

I hope this helps, email me if you have more questions. Do you know if those who were selected in the 19OT02 board can choose a class date? I was selected for RPA and have my flight physical is at the end of July. It will vary depending on your situation, but they will try to put you in a September through March class. Thank you for the info, this website is a treasure trove! Do you know the usual amount of non-rated civilian applicants and the acceptance rates?

I heard less acceptance lately. Maybe means it will go up or still stay low? Any news through the grapevine? Hey thanks for reaching out. At the beginning of the fiscal year there are more slots than the end, if that makes sense. If accepted then take a look at the board schedule.

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If for example you have medical issues they may push you to later.Colonel Jayson L. You are about to embark on one of the most challenging and memorable training and education programs of your Air Force career. Our primary mission at OTS is to educate and train officers of character, who are committed to the Air Force Core Values - equipped to lead and ready to win.

Our instructors are highly motivated, exceptionally talented and extremely dedicated to their obligation to ensure that every student who passes through this program develops the skills necessary to be an outstanding Air Force officer. When you graduate from OTS you will leave Maxwell Air Force Base equipped with the right tools and the knowledge necessary to be an effective and professional leader in our Air Force. The OTS instructors are here to guide you through the program, but your successful completion of the course depends ultimately on your complete commitment to your training.

OTS standards and expectations are very high and our training is intentionally rigorous because the Airmen who you will one day lead deserve no less than the finest officers our Air Force has to offer. I know that you are up to the challenge of OTS. Dedicate yourself now to listen, to learn and ultimately, to lead! I look forward to returning your salute at the end of this rewarding experience as our newest Air Force officers.

air force ots acceptance rate 2019

Good luck and I look forward to serving with you. In the 14 days preceding your class start date, if you have :. Please contact your Functional Representative to reschedule and be enrolled at a later date. Reporting any one of the four bullets to your your Functional Representative improves our ability to combat the potential spread and infection of COVID Officer Training School News Archive. Skip to main content Press Enter. In the 14 days preceding your class start date, if you have : traveled internationally, been on a cruise, been in contact with a person known to have COVID, have been running a fever of Military Training Instructors.

OTS Home Page. Line Officer Training. Direct Commissioned Officer Training. Inbound Staff. Physical Fitness. Administrative Items. Medical Care. Additional Information.

air force ots acceptance rate 2019

Graduation Events. Frequently Asked Questions. Religious Accommodation Prep. Distinguished Alumni Pgm. Welcome Guide Inbound trainees, select the above link to view the 'Welcome Guide'.Skip to main content Press Enter. Home News Article Display. With the board's selection rate of As part of the selection process, board members review both objective and subjective factors. Objectively, the board considers each applicant's academic discipline, grade point average and Air Force Officer Qualifying Test scores.

Subjectively, board members evaluate work experience, accomplishments, adaptability, character, leadership ability, potential for future growth and other recommendations. For active-duty enlisted members, performance reports and commanders' recommendations are also evaluated.

How to GET INTO Air Force Officer School! #RAW

Three Air Force colonels review every application. The selection process is similar to an Air Force officer promotion board. No single factor leads to an individual's selection or non-selection, according to OTS selection officials. Civilians interested in the program should contact the nearest Air Force recruiter. For a complete list of applicants selected, click here. On his way to work, Senior Airman Max Brunwasser witnessed an accident in front of him.

Ralston this observance is special to her. When you log off on a Friday. See what to takes for the 2nd Aircraft Maintenance Squadron to maintain the mission readiness. RT AirmanMagazine : Good mentors pass knowledge on to the newcomers.

Air Force announces OTS rated selection board results

Always look out for your Airmen. This month, we would like to highlight Tech. The newest Air Force Podcast recently dropped. Listen to a small snippet of CMSA Wright talk with Staff Sgt.The United States Air Force separates enlisted personnel and officers into two different categories. Enlisted personnel represents entry-level positions in the USAF, while officers have college degrees and other credentials for the leadership positions. Air Force Officer Training School tests officer recruits physically and mentally while also developing leadership skills.

The program consists of a week of prerequisite distance learning before participating in military training and leadership development for college graduates. The USAF course presents lectures, classroom exercises, guided discussions, field leadership activities, and after-hours training activities to prepare future officers.

Recruits live at Maxwell AFB during training with a complex that includes academic buildings, auditoriums, dormitories, dining, physical fitness center, and athletic fields.

After graduating from Air Force OTS, many officers attend additional training to focus on specialties like piloting, navigation, space and missile operations, or other specialties.

Those that attend the Air Force Academy receive a world-class education that is completely paid for by the government. The Air Force ROTC program rewards you with tuition assistance but is only applicable for students currently in college or thinking about attending. Lastly, you can join the United States Air Force and move up the ranks as enlisted personnel until you get promoted to a commissioned officer.

The Air Force requires you to have a four-year college degree or meet the guidelines for OTS in an alternative method. The USAF does have slightly different requirements for specialty military careers like healthcare, ministry, and legal. Speaking with a local Air Force recruiter can help answer more questions about specific requirements for Officer Training School.

Air Force Officers are leaders that receiving extensive training at OTS to prepare for the difficult assignment. Leaders are in charge of other personnel and must make difficult decisions, some of which may risk human life. As a result, Air Force OTS provides aspiring officers with the tools and resources needed to become fair and effective leaders.

Air Force Officers — the leaders of the military branch — need the knowledge and skill development to serve as managers of other military personnel. Prospective Officers receive evaluations on their leadership potential, moral standards, and academic strengths. However, before you get to training you need to meet the basic requirements and go through the same process as other recruits.

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air force ots acceptance rate 2019

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air force ots acceptance rate 2019

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